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Carpet shrinking: The aftermath of cleaning

My carpet looks dirty, and I want to clean it, but I am worried. Will it shrink after cleaning? Well, the answer can be influenced by you.

The reason being, if you go for professional and reliable carpet cleaning services, then the answer will be no.

It will still maintain its size, colour, texture, and outlook. On the contrary, if you go for the usual DIY routine or untested and unqualified carpet cleaners, then you need to be ready to take the risk of losing your carpet and shrinkage.

Improper cleaning can cause the carpet to shrink

There are some carpet cleaning techniques used by hazardous substitutes, look suspicious, and prone to cause carpet shrinkage, such as carpets with a natural fibre like wool. These carpets are very delicate and are prone to shrinking when they are not washed with uttermost care and with the required procedure and technique.

But with the quality services of professional carpet cleaning services, you will sleep relaxed knowing that you will get your asset in proper and clean shape.

Another factor that promotes carpet shrinkage is poorly trained cleaners who don’t follow the required procedures while cleaning carpets. It is thus crucial to due diligence when searching for carpet cleaning services before hiring.

It will be safe and helpful to you if you go to a company that has been tested over time and has a good reputation. This is because everyone will want an established and qualified company that will offer you top-notch services with excellent, damage-free, and shrinkage free results.

But wait! How do I find qualified and efficient carpet cleaning services that will not damage my carpet?

Here are a few tips that will guide you through the challenging process, helping you get the job well done.

Be smart in choosing a good carpet cleaner

Many are the times you might have been asking yourself the question, “will my carpet shrink after cleaning?” the assurance to that answer is no, it will not. All you need to do is to hire the right carpet cleaner. The cleaner you choose will determine the result you’ll have at the end of the day.

Say no to cheap substitutes

Substandard carpet cleaners may try to win you with their low price to get their job done while leaving you crying for loss. What do you expect from their shoddy work? You pay for what you get. They might look good at the initial stages.

Their cheap services might probably be a way to cut costs, services, and products. The results after that will last for a few days. This will not be worth the stress. Disconnect if you are discontented.

Equipment matters in the carpet cleaning industry

With the new and sophisticated equipment available, it will not guarantee you the best outcome if the technician is not trained and experienced. As much as they are new and of high quality, let the staff use it to be acquainted with their use for better results.

Beware on low-quality cleaning solutions

Some chemicals being used in washing your carpets can be harmful to your family, your pets. They can bring some defects to your carpets as well. Cheap is always expensive.

A company that does not have proper licensing, high rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau), or lacks insurance will offer cheap services.

Ratings: the backbone of company’s reputation

How do you know if a company has got a good reputation? One way you can find out is by checking their online reviews, feedback, and ratings. If you find any complaints of shrinkage or damages after a hired service, take that as a caution.

Do not hire that company. What if I don’t get any information online? Very simple, do not hire that company. If you are not ready to count your loss, don’t pay them your penny.

Go for a company with the best record of customer care and a good reputation, and people who have been in the field for a long time.

A pointer to help you through the screening process, if the company has got a higher score of 5-star reviews and useful customer satisfaction reports, then that company is legit. Hire them.

What next after the answer to, “will my carpet shrink after cleaning?”

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