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Cost-Benefit Analysis: Carpet Repair vs. Carpet Replacement

Are you planning to replace your tattered carpet? If the answer is yes, then you should consider another option as well. Carpet repair is another option that could be more simple and budget-friendly than replacement. Based on the intensity of the damage and the age of the carpet, you should make the final decision. When it comes to cost, we have analysed both options. By reading this blog, you would have a fair idea about the cost of carpet replacement and carpet repair Sydney.

Carpet Repair vs. Carpet Replacement

Why Do You Need Carpet Repair Services?

Carpet repair services have made it easier for homeowners to maintain carpets for many years. Before you discard the existing carpet, have a look at the advantages that carpet repair services can offer you:

Repairing is Easy and Takes Less Time

Replacing a carpet could be a huge task.  Removing the carpet and installing a new one could be time-consuming. But, removing a few wrinkles or mending a few holes could be easy.

Carpet Repair Increases Life of Carpets

If your house or office receives high traffic, then your carpets could suffer from major damage every day. But, carpet repair treatments could help you. Services such as burn repair, hole repair, patch repair, and restretching could fix the issues quickly. In this way, the life of the carpets extends.

Restores Original Carpet Look

Does your carpet look horrible because of a few permanent stains? Then, get them removed with the patching technique. You can remove all the flaws from the carpets and keep their beauty maintained.

Saves Money

Everyone looks for budget-friendly services. Carpet repair is cheaper than carpet replacement. You would read about the cost analysis below.

Costs Associated with Carpet Repair

Carpets suffer from several problems such as burn marks, holes, damaged seams, wrinkles, and stains. But, these problems can be repaired. If you have been facing any of these problems, then you can consider hiring the experts.

The two most popular carpet repair services are carpet stretching Sydney and patching.

In stretching, the experts use a tool known as a power stretcher. By applying some pressure, the carpet is pulled from one end. In no time, the waves, buckles, and ripples are removed from the carpets. It is a complicated procedure. It could cost you around $100 to $300. The price could vary because of several factors such as the severity of the carpet damage, carpet size, number of rooms, etc.

Patching is another amazing technique that professionals use worldwide to treat problems such as burn marks, stains, and holes. The estimated cost of this particular service could range between $125 and $250.

The material used for making the carpets also plays a huge role in determining the price of carpet repair services.

The price of repairing a wool carpet could go up to $300. On the other hand, the cost of repairing polyester, polypropylene, and nylon carpets is low. It might cost you between $1 and $2 to get such carpets repaired.

Some companies ask for higher labour charges as well. They may charge on an hourly basis. In such a case, the cost of hiring labour could be up to $80 per hour.

These were the individual prices of different factors that can be included by the companies while finalising the quote. Generally, a good company would never add hidden charges to the invoice. Also, reliable companies conduct an inspection to check the condition of the carpet. Then, they send you an affordable quote.

Some Benefits of Carpet Replacement

Replacing a carpet because of excessive damage is not at all a bad option. In fact, many people have to replace a carpet due to several circumstances. Some advantages of carpet replacement are as follows:

Good for Badly Damaged Carpets

Carpet repair treatments are great for fixing some holes or damaged seams. But, it might not work for a completely tattered and damaged carpet. You need to replace such a carpet.

To Change the Look of the Interior

If you want to change the look of your office or home interior, then you can consider replacing your carpets.

When the Carpet is Too Old

A carpet older than 10 years could be weak. They can be a threat to everyone’s safety. Before the carpet looks like a rag, you need to replace it.

Costs Associated with Carpet Replacement

Discarding a carpet could be a costly affair for a property owner. Here, we will evaluate the costs associated with carpet replacement.

Firstly, you will have to buy a new carpet. These days, manufacturers are selling carpets at a high price. The cost might vary from $20 per m2 to $200 per m2.

Secondly, professionals would charge extra for furniture removal and old carpet removal.

Thirdly, the cost of laying the carpet per m2 is $35. On average, a person has to spend $650 if the room size is 10m2.

What’s Less Expensive: Carpet Repair or Replacement?

If we look at the statistics, we can conclude that carpet repair services are less expensive than carpet replacement. The cost of labour, new carpet material, and removal of old carpet is more than just carpet stretching Sydney or patch repair service. If you think that your carpet is still new and you can’t afford to replace it, then you should surely opt for carpet repair services.

Where to Book Carpet Repair Service From?

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After looking at the cost analysis, it can be concluded that carpet repair Sydney services are cheaper than carpet replacement. In some circumstances, you can also choose carpet replacement. To make the correct decision, you can consult with our experts. At Rapid Carpet Repair, we would help you in making the right decision. Our online booking is open 24×7. So, contact us today!