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How to keep your carpets fluffy

As you know carpets carry an important role in home interior designing. A fluffy carpet matters a lot for you. When you walk, sit, or sometimes lay down on the carpet, its fluffy feeling gives you relaxation and freshness. If the fluffy feel of your carpet is not the same as when it is new then it’s a sign that carpets need repair, cleaning, or stretching.

Furthermore, if some guests visit your place and your carpet is not giving clean look and fluffy sensation then it would be a negative impact on your hospitality. There will be a lot of scenarios that can happen due to which you want to bring back the fluffiness of your carpet.

Keeping in view the importance of carpets we feel you need some suggestions to maintain its fluffiness. Here we will tell you about the cheapest methods and strategies by which you can clean your carpet and bring back its fluffiness.

Cheapest Carpet Cleaning and Repair

To clean your carpet thoroughly, for bringing back its fluffiness always focus to clean carpets of every room one by one. In this way, you can place one room furniture into the other and clean the carpet effectively. If you start all carpets cleaning at once, it will not be too effective and things will be out of your control.

Evacuating Things For Clearing Room

Always try to evacuate everything from the room to ensure the deep cleaning of the carpet. Remove all furniture from the room and store it anywhere or in another room temporarily. This will help you to easily proceed with cleaning activities without any hurdle.

Investigation and Cutting

After removing all material from the room now everything is clear to inspect. Investigate the carpet thoroughly with your feet or a better way is to sit and inspect every part. Where you see something uneven or threads are heading upward from normal level cut them with scissor and makes the surface of carpet even from all sides.

Options For Spot Cleaning

Now after the above activities, here we start practical working on cleaning the spots. For spot cleaning, there are many strategies you can follow. You can use a white vinegar solution prepared in hot water for spot cleaning. If this strategy doesn’t works don’t worry it will never impart any negative impact on carpet. The second option is that you can use a cleaning solution available in the market. But these solutions will impart a negative impact and your carpet looks dirtier or it may get damage.

Impact and Risks

There are many types of carpet cleaning chemicals are available. They have a different mode of action and you have to choose them wisely according to your carpet specs.

Some chemicals are available for cleaning light colour carpets, some are made for soft carpets and some are made for dark colour carpets. Now if you are going for this option you have to choose them according to your carpet otherwise your carpet gets damaged.

Fluffiness and Ice Cube

For bringing back the fluffiness of your carpet one simple trick is placing an ice cube on the defected part where you feel repair needed. These parts are mostly where furniture is placed and fluff settles down due to the weight of the furniture.

Place an ice cube on the spot and allow it to melt completely. Now dry the place with tissue paper or towel without gentle rubbing. If you rub the place then the condition gets more critical. After all standing water absorbed, rub the spot with a tilted spoon or stick. This will bring the fluff back to its original place. Now you can feel the fluffiness with your hands.

Ironing Trick

If you are unable to go with Ice cube trick you can follow this. Take a clean towel, wet it with water, and drain out excess water. Now place it on the affected area of the carpet and heat clothes pressing iron. Now iron the town right above the affected area for approximately 60 seconds. Now leave the towel on the spot and allow it to dry completely. After this remove the towel and lift the fluff with your hands.

Deep Vacuum Cleaning

For cleaning and retaining fluff of carpet major thing is deep vacuum cleaning. When you use a vacuum cleaner on carpet ensure that it is working with its full pace. Clean its filters and bags before usage for effective suction.

When you are sure about vacuum efficiency than start cleaning and clean thoroughly each area seven to eight times. And for accessing out of reach or hard to reach areas use extenders.

Steam Cleaning and Shampooing

This method may impart some problems because non professionally or poorly used shampoo machines makes your carpet dirtier and leave it wet. But still, if you are going for this option always follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. And for effective drying, you can use air blowers, fans or by opening all doors and windows for efficient ventilation.

Ensuring Effective Drying

After steam cleaning, you must ensure the drying of the carpet effectively otherwise it will impart many negative impacts on the carpet. You have to ensure that all dirty water and shampoo drained out and after that carpet is clean from all areas. This is a tough task and for effective deep cleaning, you must have to take services of expert carpet cleaners.

Removing Any Odours From Carpet

Sometimes carpet gives bad odours or after steam cleaning due to wetting issues your carpet may give some odours. To resolve this issue sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and leave it overnight. In the morning clean all baking soda with a vacuum cleaner. It will not only remove odours but also adsorb bacterial which are producing these odours.