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DIY Carpet Restretching or Professional Restretching

Due to moisture, improper padding, or excessive foot traffic, the carpets become rippled. The formation of wrinkles or buckles on the carpet becomes a concern for a property owner. The ripples must be removed as soon as possible in order to maintain the safety and durability of the carpet. If you are worried because of rippled carpet, then you can opt for one of the two methods. One is DIY restretching and the one is professional carpet stretching Melbourne. Both methods have their pros and cons. Here, we will discuss both of them. You can read below and make a perfect choice.

Carpet Stretching

Importance of Carpet Restretching

Sometimes, the carpets become uneven and risky. Carpet stretching is a perfect solution for various problems associated with a damaged carpet. Here is how carpet stretching helps a property owner:

  • A rippled carpet never looks pleasant to the eyes. In homes and offices, it is important to keep the ripples away from the carpet. By stretching the carpet, you can eliminate unwanted waves, wrinkles, and ripples easily.
  • If you have toddlers or old-aged people at home, then you should be cautious about the condition of your carpet. A wavy or wrinkled carpet could become the reason for injuries. Almost every year, many people have to face problems like fractures or brain injuries due to damaged carpets. By booking carpet repair Melbourne services like stretching, you can make the carpet flat and suitable for walking.

How is Carpet Restretching Done?

The steps in professional and DIY carpet restretching would remain the same. Have a look at the steps involved in this process.

Remove the Carpet, Pad, and Tack Strips

Carpets are glued to the floor. They need to be removed first. Professionals remove the carpet, padding, and tack strip with the help of proper tools.

If you are planning to start the procedure without professional help, then you need to collect the tools first. In DIY restretching, make sure that you remove the entire carpet set carefully.

Nail New Tack Strips

You can measure the room and cut the tack strips accordingly. New tack strips must be nailed carefully and neatly.

Place the Padding

It is the time when you can attach the padding to the new tack strip. Make sure that the padding is attached to strips tightly. Leaving it loose could lead to the formation of waves again. After this, you can place your carpet on the padding.

Use Power Stretcher and Knee Kicker

A power stretcher is a wonderful tool that helps in pulling the carpet. The knee kicker is another tool that helps in stretching the carpets in tight areas. One end of the power stretcher should be near the wall. Another end should move freely. You can push the power stretcher so that the carpet comes forwards. Whenever you feel that the ripples are removed, simply nail the carpet to the tack strip.

Cut Extra Carpet

The extra carpet can be trimmed off with a carpet cutter. Make sure that the work is done neatly.

What is Better- DIY or Professional Carpet Restretching?

Carpet restoration Melbourne service like carpet restretching is important for eliminating ripples and buckles from the carpet. If you are confused about whether to hire an expert or use the DIY method, then the points given below could help you.

Benefits of DIY Carpet Restretching

  • No Need to Pay Fee

Sometimes, people refrain from booking professional services because of service charges. In DIY restretching, you can save money. By not hiring the expert, you can avoid the service fee.

  • Work Can be done at any Time

Professionals are available at a particular time of the day. But, DIY carpet repair can be done at any time. Whether you want to repair the carpet at the weekend or at night, you can do it at your convenience.

Cons of DIY Carpet Restretching

  • Time-Consuming and Tiring

Repairing a carpet without proper tools and techniques could be time-consuming. Moreover, doing intricate work is tiring.

  • Need to Purchase Everything

At home, people don’t have all the facilities. The tool kit required for carpet repair must be purchased. It can be a costly affair.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Restretching

  • Professionals are Quick and Reliable

The experts can re-stretch the carpet without taking too much time. They can effectively remove wrinkles without causing damage to the carpet. If you need guaranteed and quick results, then you could rely on professional restretching.

  • Professionals Have Advanced Tools

Carpet repair Melbourne professionals have modern carpet restretching tools. They can use different and relevant tools to fix the problems.

  • The Experts are Knowledgeable

Certified and experienced workers have complete knowledge of carpet restretching techniques. From putting in the correct pressure and fitting the carpet, the experts can do everything with ease.

Cons of Professional Carpet Stretching

There are no cons related to professional carpet restretching. Professionals can transform your wavy carpets into flat ones with the perfect method.


Professional carpet stretching Melbourne is better than DIY carpet stretching in all aspects. A detailed comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of DIY and professional methods is given above. You can read them and decide whether you need DIY restretching or professional carpet restretching. If you want professional help, then you can contact Rapid Carpet Repairs.